What’s up Wololo Warriors?

It’s time once again to step up and show your wololo spirit in our monthly contest! But first, lets take a look at the winners from June. This time we asked you to pick a civilization in any Age of Empires game and tell  us  about  your favorite moment in their history. Here are our favorites:

Favorite campaign for me so far in an Age game has to be the Freedom Fight with Indian civilization from Age of Empires 3: Asian Dynasties.

I have always been fascinated by Asian history, and India’s in particular because there were many low level freedom fighters such as English infantry man Mangal Pandey and a young Sikh name Bhagat Singh. People of this side of the world only heard about Gandhi, but I highly encourage you to read about these two folks. Anyways, the reason why I picked this one, is due to it being very believable. There were many frequent incident like the Indian campaign in this period time of India, where a very frugal Indian Sepoy would start resistance movement against the Britishers general.

And the Indian campaign had similar structure…meaning that very clever protagonist secretly planning an attack on their general and freeing locals from the “British Raj (empire)”. That campaign not only captures the realism of this Indian time period, but it made us part of their revolution. So i liked that a lot.

Queen Seondeok of Silla’s construction of Hwangnyongsa Pagoda (“Dragon Temple”) is one of my favorite moments in Korea’s history. While battling her neighboring Korean kingdoms, Silla’s (and Korea’s) first queen constructed a massive 9-story pagoda in Gyeongju, South Korea. A towering testament to Silla’s resilience and Buddhist faith, Hwangnyongsa was built entirely of wood, with no nails, and at 262 feet tall was the tallest structure in all East Asia at the time. While it no longer stands, it has life in Age of Empires II, where (in a wonderful nod to history) it appears in the Noryang Point mission in the Battles of the Conquerors campaign, standing where Gyeongju roughly is on the Korean map.


My favorite part of Incan history is when the Incans defeated the Chimor (Chimu) Empire, which was quite possibly the strongest in South America at the time.

The Incans were able to accomplish this by taking advantage of the surrounding terrain. The Chimor capital of Chan-Chan was in a desert so the Incans took control of the rivers leading to it, and eventually the Chimor Empire had to surrender.

My favorite moment in history for the Roman Empire would be the Battle of Cynoscephalae. This battle was between Rome and Macedon and would mark the end of the second Macedonian War. The Battle of Cynoscephalae was a showdown between the Roman Legions and the Macedonian Phalanx. The battle took place on a hill in Macedon. Both armies tried forcing their enemy to fight uphill. For most of the battle it went back and forth between who occupied the top of the hill. Eventually the Romans caught the Macedonians off guard and out maneuvered them forcing them to retreat, ending the second Macedonian War.

The battle started with the Romans fighting uphill.

The phalanx would go on to push the Roman Legions back.

This was a rare moment in history to see the Roman Legion and the Macedonian Phalanx face off head to head.

Eventually the Roman Legion prevailed and forced King Philip V and his army to retreat, and thus ending the second Macedonian War.

I will say that it was actually a cavalry charge from Rome that sent the Macedonians in retreat. King Philip V was sending in a second flank up to the top of the hill when suddenly they were attacked by Roman cavalry, unprepared. I really just wanted to depicte the battles between the Roman Legion flanks and the Macadonian Phalanx flanks. In my opinion, I think it is fascinating to have such a great recording of Roman Legions fighting off the Macedonian Phalanx.

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