What’s up Wololo Warriors?

It’s time once again to step up and show your wololo spirit in our monthly contest.

But first, the winners from last month. We asked you to come up with slogans to recruit soldiers for your armies, and boy did you all do a fantastic job! Picking the winners for this month was no easy task, and if we could just give all of you the prizes we totally would:P Keep up the amazing work, okay?


Luis Miquilena

Best squad ever! and yes, the sheep is also necessary to scout the map :wink:



Blue words / red army




My submission:


“Every age needs a leader”
My submission:


Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated:) You all definitely brought your A game in May!


On to this month’s contest!

After being completely blown away by your artistic abilities last month we’ve decided that we’d like to see some more. So today we’re asking you to pick a civilization in any Age of Empires game and show / tell  us  about  your favorite moment in their history.  You can do this through an in game screenshot, hand drawn illustrations, Photoshop, really whatever you want! Just have fun with it:)

Your entry MUST include at least 1 image, no more than 4,  and must relate to an Age of Empires game (or an illustration having to do with one). You may also include a written portion explaining your entry that may be no more than 600 characters in length (not including spaces); if your entry includes non-English words, you must provide an accurate English translation of those words in your written portion.

We’ll pick our five favorites, and the winners will each be able to choose two of the below prizes! We’ll reach out to the winners via private message on forums.ageofempires.com on the first Wednesday of the next month, so keep an eye on your inbox! Submissions must be appropriate, and must be submitted in the forum discussion thread here before 5:00 PM PDT on Wednesday June 27th, 2018.  You can find the full official rules here.

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    @Jennifer Godwin

  • dark-riser68 July 5, 2018

    Hey Jennifer! After new forums I cannot log in with my account: superninja418. Also, there hasn't been a new Wololo comp for July and June winners yet