Age IV Civilizations

The English

The English strength is unparalleled, reinforced by the power of their archery units, a firm control over castles and defensive buildings, and a highly dependable food economy that sustains them through the Ages. The English hold several key advantages, creating an exciting battlefield for resources and victory.

The English specialize in their network of castles: Town Centers, Outposts, Towers, and Castles trigger an alarm when an enemy approaches—prompting nearby units and defensive structures to fire faster for a short period. Their Keeps can produce all units, allowing for the English defense to reign supreme.

Keeping Enemies at Bay

The Longbowman is a special English unit and a unique version of the Archer in other civilizations. The Longbowman has longer range, thus an advantage in ranged combat, with access to significant upgrades.

The English Man-at-Arms is a sturdy infantry unit, available earlier than other civilizations and has an extra armor upgrade available.

The English Villager is the humble unit of the civilization and the key to starting a powerful economy. They have light fighting abilities with a ranged bow attack to ward off early rushes.

Defensive Foothold

The English have access to unique landmarks that reinforce the English as a defensive powerhouse, establishing your foothold as you expand your army of infantry, cavalry, and siege units to become an indestructible force.

With its network of castles and landmarks to keep your empire safe while you grow and expand it, you will need access to a steady income of resources. The English have access to cheaper farms early on, generate gold to continue to feed your ever-expanding empire and army!