Age IV Civilizations

The Chinese

The Chinese is a civilization of impressive constructions, gunpowder strength, and a Dynasty System that provides unique benefits and varied strategies to overcome the opponent. They are powerful defenders behind formidable fortifications with a strong focus on economy.

You live through history as Chinese culture, strength, and innovations created ripples across Eurasia, growing your empire as you move through vibrant Dynasties.

City planning is an important growth strategy. Their Dynasty system offers advantages when triggered and provides bonuses like unit bonuses and access to unique buildings.

Military Might

The military prowess of the Chinese lies in their mighty gunpowder strength. They have access to multiple unique gunpower units, making them a fierce civilization to go up against in battle.

Unique units like the Fire Lancer, a cavalry unit from the Yuan Dynasty, is equipped with a fire lance; while the Nest of Bees is a powerful siege weapon that fires an immense burst of arrows in an area.

They also have access to a unique unit called the Imperial Official, which collects gold from nearby buildings.

The Dynasties

Dynasties are a unique trait of the Chinese civilization. With their ability to build all landmarks at any Age, selecting two from the same Age triggers a Dynasty of their choosing for unique bonuses, buildings, and units.

The Tang Dynasty focuses on exploration, giving speed and vision bonuses for Scouts. The Song Dynasty focuses on population boom, giving access to the Village building and the Repeater Crossbow unit. The Yuan Dynasty focuses on food boom, giving access to the Granary building and Fire Lancer unit. Lastly, the Ming Dynasty focuses on military advantage, giving access to the Pagoda building and Grenadier unit.