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Now Presenting: The Queen’s Clash Tournament, sponsored by World’s Edge

This year, we’re celebrating INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY with an EPIC battle in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition spanning the entire weekend. We’re absolutely thrilled to spotlight and sponsor a tournament showcasing the talents of the most amazing, skilled women in the Age community, and encourage everyone to join in and show their support!

QUEEN’S CLASH is a 1v1 tournament organized and hosted by the AGE OF QUEENS community. Over 40 players will be selected to compete in two different groups:

  • 32 players will play against each other in Silver League.
  • The 12 top-rated players will compete in the Gold League.

The top 8 players from each league will emerge with a share of the $5,000 USD prize pool, though only two can emerge as the champions of their respective pools!

Read on for more details, rules, where you can join, and more information about the upcoming tournament!

Sign-ups are OPEN NOW!

Sign-ups are open from NOW through March 5th @ 20 GMT. Sign up at the link below; you’ll be contacted as soon as your submission is confirmed!

Tournament Schedule

Round 1
(Top 32)
N/A Saturday 6th March 20GMT – Friday 12th March 20GMT
Round 2
(Top 12 Gold / 16 Silver)
Saturday 13th March 20:00 GMT Saturday 13th March 20:00 GMT
Round 3
(Top 8)
Saturday 13th March 22:00 GMT Saturday 13th March 22:00 GMT
Semifinals Sunday 14th March 20:00 GMT Sunday 14th March 14:00 GMT
Finals Sunday 14th March 23:00 GMT Sunday 14th March 17:00 GMT

Prize Pool


1ST $1,000 $350
2ND $750 $250
3RD $500 $150
4TH $400 $100
5TH – 8TH $250 $50
9TH – 12TH $75

Tournament Hosts

LilTrouble is a partnered AoE II Twitch Streamer who is known for her creative ways of bringing people together over a shared love of Age of Empires. Since connecting with the game two years ago, LT has hosted and participated in many events, raised over $21,000 AUD for charity, and was the host of the Red Bull Wololo III tournament earlier this year. She has a passion for the ladder grind, and is currently enjoying the  AoE II campaigns for the first time. She is an active admin for the Age of Queens Discord server and the founder of the Age of Queens Twitch Team.

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TinyTriss is the founder of the Age of Queens community and its official Discord server. She has hosted multiple Age of Queens tournaments and enjoys participating in all sorts of Age of Empires events. Her first experience with AoE II involves watching her brother play in her early childhood. It didn’t take long until she started playing it herself with friends at LAN Parties. With the release of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition in 2019, she rekindled her love for the game once again. Furthermore, she is a passionate streamer on Twitch who has been playing a variety of games for over 4 years. Recently she’s been streaming Age of Queens tournament games and ranked 1v1 matches.

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Who are the Age of Queens?

Age of Queens is a community of ~100 women (and growing) who play Age of Empires II together: ranging from casual players to some of the most competitive players in the game. You can catch members playing in tournaments, show matches, and casual team games on a regular basis.

Here’s an official introduction from the group’s founder, TinyTriss:

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