Last week, we announced a heap of July updates coming to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, including COMMUNITY VOTING on the ranked map pools.

With COMMUNITY VOTING, you’ll be able to use your voice to help determine the ranked map pool for the next two weeks. Our own BBQTurkman breaks down how this will work:


Ranked Map Picks!

As of the July update, there will be four available map pools in Ranked matchmaking:


This week, community voting will be available for the 1v1 RANDOM and TEAM GAME map pools. Each will have several fixed maps available by default:

Fixed Map


Team Games

Black Forest

Based on telemetry and player feedback, the developers will then select several maps for each map pool:

  • +2 maps for 1v1 RM
  • +3 maps for Team Games

The final three maps for both pools will be determined by the community! Of the nine maps listed in each poll, the three that receive the most votes will be added to their respective map pools.


Cast Your Vote Now!

To participate in the community vote for the ranked map pools, you must have a Steam or Microsoft account on Make sure you’re logged in to the forums where the voting will take place.

The polls are open until NOON Pacific on Sunday, July 12 (or 3:00p Eastern / 19:00 UTC), so be sure cast your vote and check back to see which maps come out on top!

Click below to jump to each poll:

♦     ♦     ♦

Polls Close In…

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  • sevencafe28787 July 14, 2020

    Is this update going to release today because i have not seen any sign of it was waiting for it?

  • friedrichhrr July 11, 2020

    Make it so it is possible to log into the forums. There is bug when you can not recieve an activation email and you cant resend it because the forum software is not working well to put it nicely.
    The whole thing seems just pretty bugged just because you did not have a seperate system.

    • friedrichhrr July 11, 2020

      And a working support would be lovely like support panel on the website.

  • syn-kaan July 10, 2020

    reduce the pool map plz, arabia is enough ^^

  • lakes July 10, 2020

    When for DM ?

  • rouch July 10, 2020

    It would be nice to have these polls into the game.

  • kuoting July 10, 2020

    Please put this voting into the game because not everyone understand English and visit English forum.

  • dozerbr July 10, 2020

    Is the link working or is it me?