The Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition multiplayer closed beta has been active since shortly after our E3 2019 announcement, and we’re thrilled to have shared this pre-launch journey with more than 50,000 passionate fans so far! We intend to keep the closed beta running from now until shortly before the game’s Nov. 14 launch to give additional Age Insiders hands-on time with the game and to ensure we’re continuing our work toward a truly definitive edition of Age of Empires II. That said, we think now is the perfect time to provide the wider community with a “sneak peek” of the victories we’ve seen in beta.

A Fabulous Community

We’ve always known Age fans to be passionate, and you haven’t disappointed us since we relaunched the Age of Empires Insider Program in June 2019. In approximately four months’ time, nearly 90,000 fans have registered for our Insider Program, indicating they’d like to contribute to and stay up to date on the future of all our Age titles.

We’ve been growing our Age II: DE beta audience based on the information provided at the time of registration and have equipped each beta participant with multiple tools for providing us with feedback about the beta as they’ve lobbied up and grown their empires. Since June, thousands of fans have provided us with their input via the forums and surveys, and we’ve been able to make more than 300 changes based on that feedback — spanning from UI and AI to the soundtrack and game balance.

A Major Impact

The Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition closed beta community has been focused on multiplayer, and as a result, we’ve gathered a ton of helpful data and community feedback to ensure the matchmaking and lobby experiences give our players what they want.

  • Civilization balance changes. Balance has always been vital to Age games, and we’ve already implemented several changes to new and existing civs based on suggestions provided during the beta.
  • Play Multiplayer your way. Tons of new quality of life improvements have been added to our multiplayer lobby and matchmaking systems based on your requests. For example, the game now remembers whether you prefer to queue for matchmaking or join a custom lobby, helping you get into the games you want even faster, and plays an audio cue when a successful match is made.
  • Connection quality indicator. There are Age players all over the world, who we anticipate will be hosting and hopping into games starting Nov. 14. To better empower our community, we’ve implemented a Connection Quality indicator to give you a better idea of which servers and matches to join.
  • New speed options. Thanks in part to beta feedback Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition includes a variety of speed options, based on whether you’re looking to play for fun or more competitively. This includes 1x, 1.5x, 1.69x and 2x speed options.
  • Updated lobby music! We know this may sound small, but early on, our beta participants let us know that the lobby music should keep them uplifted and excited. As a result, we shifted our direction so that the lobby now rotates through a number of the game’s more upbeat tracks.

And That’s Just the Beginning!

These changes, and many others, came about because of feedback from the Age of Empires Insiders. But even though the beta’s almost over, we’re not done yet! We will soon share our post-launch plans for continued support and updates to the game, and we couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey together with our community!

Thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to register as an Age Insider, join us in the beta, pre-order the game or reach out via our social channels to share your excitement. We’re just as excited as you are about Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition and can’t wait to continue sharing the game, both in beta and beyond!

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  • lyricevening843 November 8, 2019

    (Sorry for my english)
    Graphics is amazing, new civs is joyful, maps and accessories (animals, building, many many new object) are varied, i love big cats :) Enchants the game and takes me back to my childhood.

    The game crash sometimes. FPS and lag is so high. The "team bug" still alive, this is one of the most ancient AOE2 bug. If i choose team, always change. Funny. Relig why did it turn brown :D? And i've been looking for a whiledle the "idle pleasant" button,
    although it is logical that he is there. The sounds sometimes resemble AOE1. But, this is AOE2. When attacked, the sound effect is less dangerous as before.
    I think, it's good to sound a little scared. Although the characters are very nice, they look a bit like each other. But it will probably get used to.

    Overall very nice job, especially so this beta.

  • spongeofcrust November 3, 2019

    Singed up in June for beta never got a beta key or any kind of email. I don't have a supercomputer like most buts it's more than enough to run the game it runs aoe1 DE likes its nothing and was enough to get me into that beta so why have I been ignored for this one?

    I updated my xdiag a couple of times :(

  • baristo312 November 2, 2019

    Like the game so much.but still ai is making archers all th time and path finding is not good. But its smooth and fun to play. Btw the health bar on top of units looks ugly pls make iy smaller

  • northernbanjo77 November 2, 2019

    the game is fantastic and i am enjoying it a lot,i like the new civilizations ...!!!

  • nice-n-dry November 2, 2019

    Keep up the good work

  • oozyharp6073484 October 27, 2019

    No email sooo hyped to try it on beta and on the release date !

  • kennytje94 October 26, 2019

    Ive had a e-mail that my computer does not meet the minimum system requirements, but of course I do I even uploaded the right dxdiag.
    I have a - Intel i7-2600k @3,4GHz (8CPU) + overclocking
    -16gb ram memory
    - Geforce GTX 1050TI
    I would think that will be eneuf?

    • bdude1992 November 3, 2019

      I have the exact same specs. It runs fine but the whole experience is sluggish. (Its the same on low or max settings). Hopefully this is just because its in beta stage and wont be like this on final release.

  • muaddib16 October 22, 2019

    Are you releasing any new screenshots or videos of the beta tests? I’d really love to see more info on Cumans and Lithuanian civs, especially their tech trees

  • sadmanu9perez October 22, 2019

    why not realise aoe 2 De in spanish lenguage?

  • bonesy64 October 21, 2019

    so where is my beta key ??