After the huge success of the Hidden Cup 3 tournament, robo_boro_ and Lidakor have teamed up to create a new competitive experience: the Visible Cup!

With major events in competitive Age of Empires highlighting the expert players, Visible Cup is an opportunity for intermediate players to show the world their skills in a tournament setting. Utilizing the same map- and civilization-selection rules as Hidden Cup 3, the Visible Cup will provide a stage for the players who did not qualify for HC3’s main eventThe Age of Empires community has already shown an impressive amount of support for this intermediate-level tournament: with the majority of the prize pool raised from individual donors; the tournament organizers and entire community are extremely thankful for their contributions!

Over 150 players signed up: ready to battle it out for the $750 prize pool and the right to call themselves tournament champion. Now, the matches are stacked up for some excellent plays that you’ll be able to watch live in the coming weeks!

Visible Cup Brackets

With so many similarities to Hidden Cup 3, Visible Cup has provided a platform for casual and intermediate players to experience competitive play in one of the largest Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition events ever. Here are some of the most well-known competitors to qualify for the Round of 16:

  • Barles: The highest-seeded player in the tournament, Barles was a strong candidate to qualify for Hidden Cup 3 after defeating Slam, but ultimately lost to F1re. Nevertheless, their experience with the maps will be extremely useful in the final stages of Visible Cup.
  • Nili: The newest member of Team Secret brings decades of Age of Empires: II experience to the tournament. A long-time caster and player, Nili is well-known for his preparation and commitment to the game.
  • PROject_Belgium: One of the most-improved players in recent months, PROject_Belgium plays ranked games against expert players on a daily basis! This could elevate him above other contestants in the event.
  • Saymyname: Widely considered an expert player, Saymyname unfortunately did not qualify for Hidden Cup 3. Bringing a large amount of experience from the highest level of competition, Saymyname is likely to earn a spot in the semifinals.
  • Hallis: The biggest surprise of the tournament so far, Hallis started at seed #35: pulling off two upset victories to earn a spot in the final sixteen. Gaining strength from his comeback of 3-2 from a 0-2 deficit against the #3 seeded Hoang, Hallis is awaiting his next opponent with the entire British community cheering for him.
  • VIK_Vinchester: An expert of Arena, Vinchester had up and down results in recent tournaments. He fights until the end in each game, opening up the possibility for some epic comebacks!
  • St4rk: Training cannon galleons in a pond of 3 tiles? “Sure; I was just trying a new build order!” St4rk often surprises viewers and opponents alike with weird ways of playing the game—making for an extremely entertaining experience!

With only 16 competitors remaining from the 176 players that began this journey, the most intense fights are about to begin!

You can find the times and schedules of matches—as well as a list of streams where you can watch—here, or you can visit, where all of the games from the final rounds will be casted!

Written by Lidakor

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  • ducbenho May 7, 2020

    How are they able to organize a tournament while we are struggling with crashes in multiplayer?