Welcome to another week of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition! Today’s update delivers critical fixes to issues that have prevented people from playing and enjoying the game: including the File Error 12 crash that impacted a subset of players, as well as a Spectator Lobby bug that caused problems when reviewing certain games. We’ve also slipped in a fix for the missing death sound effects for certain units—an issue highlighted by users in the Steam discussions and over on the official forum! Now you can enjoy all the “huuuuugh” and “hyaaaoooo” the game has to offer!

We want to send a HUGE thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share their feedback, issues, and support for the game over the past week! You are the foundation of this project, and we will continue to monitor your wants and needs as we prioritize tasks for the next update and beyond. Likewise, we appreciate your patience as we work through the early launch-day issues!

If you are still having trouble connecting or playing the game, you are also encouraged to visit the official Discord server. Our outstanding Community Sages are available to answer questions and point you towards solutions to some of the most common problems:

🗣 JOIN: The Age of Empires Official Discord

Finally, with today’s build, the Microsoft Store and Steam builds are once again on the same build and in-sync! This means crossplay will be available between the two platforms—though make sure you’ve checked the Enable Crossplay option under the Game settings menu to take advantage of the feature.

There’s so much more to come; watch for more of what we’re working on in the weeks and months to come!

—The Age of Empires Team


Update 33059


Remember that you’ll need update your game in the Microsoft Store:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store.
  2. Click the [ ∙ ∙ ∙ ] symbol next to your profile picture.
  3. Select Downloads and updates.
  4. Press the Get updates button to automatically detect, download, and install the latest changes to your game!
  5. Open the game. The title screen should read Build 33059

That’s it; you’re ready to play!


Remember that you’ll need update your game in Steam:

  1. Open Steam
  2. Click on Library to see your games list.
  3. Click Downloads at the bottom of the Library window.
  4. [If the new build does not download automatically,] click the button to manually download the new update.
  5. Open the game. The title screen should read Build 33059

That’s it; you’re ready to play!

♦     ♦     ♦


  • Fixed an issue where various units did not produce death sound effects when killed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Enhanced Graphics (UHD) option would appear grayed out despite having installed and enabled the DLC.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a File Error 12 crash that prevented the successful launch of the game. The most notable impact was on computers using non-Latin characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spectator Lobby displayed outdated games which could not be joined.



  • We are continuing to monitor the stability and performance of the multiplayer servers. If you are having issues joining or disconnecting from matches, please visit this forum to search for similar issues. Please be sure to include the following details if/when replying to a thread or starting a new discussion:
    • A description of the problem
    • A description of the steps that lead up to the problem
    • Your computer specifications (a .txt copy of your dxdiag report is ideal)
    • Any other information that might help us work towards a solution
  • We are continuing to monitor player reports related to performance or crashes when running the Enhanced Graphics Pack DLC.




♦     ♦     ♦

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  • javalons December 20, 2019

    I downloaded the last update and now I can't play agist steam friends, I bought my Age in Microsoft store. They also downloaded the last version.

  • evesion83 December 2, 2019

    I tried to download but in the UAE it says that the game isn't available currently. Why is there a region block?

  • blast88 November 22, 2019

    It’s excellent to hear that a new patch for AoE2: DE got to come out to fix some bugs. There are other things to do in the upcoming patches like some good changes to some civs. Here are some very good ideas:
    • Chinese gets Crop Rotation
    • Block Printing enabled for Chinese and Turks while it gets disabled for the Incas and Mayans
    • Malians no longer use Cannon Galleon because their Galleon was removed

  • typicfoot9 November 22, 2019

    Performance when...

  • xuanzue November 21, 2019

    yesterday without crossplay, the lobbies were working.

    today again is broken. It seems you want us to not play this game

  • membtv November 21, 2019

    There is few issues with the gameplay and such, but about the spectator that for me and my stream concern alot is that the rooms doesn´t appear, me as content creator that been promoting this game for years now im not able to keep with my content since i can´t cast almost any PRO games or interesting games, since they just STILL doesn´t appear in the spectate games, you barely get few rooms when there is people playing and you can watch in other streams, you try find those games and they never appear.

    They are ranked games and you can´t find them.

    Hope you fix this asap, because is killing my stream and community.

  • billyvu2673 November 21, 2019

    Thinks my AOE 2 DE was updated, and finally, it doesn't start anymore!!!
    Shortcut is transparent, game does nothing!!!

    • floooooris November 24, 2019

      I've managed to get it working.
      I've did the following:
      1. Click Windows Start
      2. Search "Age of Empires II"
      3. Right click game launch icon
      4. Click "App Settings"
      5. In the new Window Click "Repair" (below the Reset)
      6. Launch the game (it won't open straight away)
      7. Wait for a bit (in my case about 5 minutes)
      8. Suddenly the game launches

      Hopes this helps you

    • floooooris November 24, 2019

      I'm having the same issue.
      The game suddenly doens't start anymore.
      Before that I had no problem running the game

  • kikealex88 November 21, 2019

    Guys, after this update Xbox live achievement's system stop working, I tried with several of them but after I update the game, I cannot get them anymore. Could you check this issue please. Thank you so much.

    • the-x-salesmen November 22, 2019

      Same here. Just beat el cid campaign and received no achievement.

  • whypp November 21, 2019

    Thanks Microsoft for finally using the same version at both stores. I've been waiting so long to play with a friend from Steam.

  • switorik November 20, 2019

    Still no update available on the MS store. An update on the update would be great!

    • seilkardinal869 November 21, 2019

      Not sure if the update is now available for all yet. Mine did not update too. After uninstalling (apps add/remove) and reinstalling the game (from store) it worked for me to get version 101.101.33059.0

    • whypp November 21, 2019

      It's already avaiable for me. You guys should try once again.

    • makto94 November 21, 2019

      no update also for me...

    • loukanoslawine November 21, 2019

      Me either.

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